Become Smitten with Your Customers

What’s your brand’s love story?

Props go out to Trader Joe’s for  falling head over heals with their customers. Yeah, I’m crushing the crew right back. They really know how to lighten up the sometimes mundane chore of weekly food shopping.

While we were in the store this weekend my lovely college-bound daughter applied for a part-time position. She handed me the detailed Trader Joe crew position description.

There’s a lot to learn here about creating a “WOW” customer experience.

Trader Joe’s explains that their “crew” members are responsible for creating a fun, warm and friendly shopping experience throughout the store. And you know what – they really do deliver on it.

Their ATTITUDE towards the customer is something that every  business should blatantly copy and expand on in their own authentic way.

It all starts with the proper training of every employee. Train your staff (before their first day of hire and at least monthly) to know everything there is about your business (even the fun back story). Teach them how to tell your story. Role play.

Trying to make a love connection?

Promote an energized experience by-

  • Creating an engaging sense of arrival that’s fun, exciting and friendly
  • Have your team members aka employees take their head out of the stock and start making eye contact
  • Make sure your hires (brand ambassadors) know enough about your products and services to answer questions and help customers find what they need in a fast and efficient way
  • Remind them continuously to be friendly, courteous and respectful to all
  • And a warm smile – in a from the heart  kind of way – goes a long way

It’s funny, last Saturday Whole Foods tried to “wow” me with live music (yes a live band) and a few international “artisanal” tastings scattered around the store. Sure the filleting and sautéing the 50-pound Opah Tuna fresh from Hawaii was fun to watch, (and actually tasted great with Thai ginger seasoning) but nothing wins like consistent and respectful human kindness.

How are you “wowing” your customers? Are you getting creative with your experiential marketing strategies? Incorporating timely and consistent customer training sessions into your operation’s plan?

Have a unique customer experience you just love? We’d love to hear about it.

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