Mobile App Marketing Insight

Amplify as You Applify

Just finished the first draft of a press release for a really cool beauty app launch for the iPhone, iPad and Android for a June/July target.  Which got me thinking about how people find out about all those hundred of thousands of apps that are already out there anyway.  I know I can barely get through the first few pages of Apple’s Top Charts on my iPad on the way to work.

Here’s some promotional advice from the front lines –

1. Promote the usefulness and the research behind the very smart app you created. The media will eat up the stats and homework you prepared. It also demonstrates a need for your new app. Outline a summary in your press release/content and list the most important findings.

2. Create your targeted media lists – from mobile marketing news lists to trades for the particular niche that the app is catering too. Research and create a list of the contact info for each editor/journalist and writer that you need to get in touch with when your app is ready to review.

3. Build a consumer broadcast/print and online blogging media list. Think of all the enthusiasts who could benefit from learning about the usefulness of your mobile app. And once again – create a media contact list (with all their details) because you are going to spend a lot of time pitching and inspiring these writers to download and try your app for review. If you don’t have the time or the media contacts, this is the most important task to consider hiring an expert.  A media relations expert or “press liaison”.

4. Don’t give it all away at first. Launch in phases and releases to extend the “newness” of your app. Have a reason to go back to the media who didn’t “get it”  the first time.

5. If you have the budget, create a video of the app in use. Show the world how magical your new app truly is! A good videographer has many tips and tricks to shoot the video in studio and keep it within budget.

6. Use your social media channels to make  a real big fuss about the features, usefulness and fun that your app has to offer.  Get the community involved with contests and sweepstakes. Consumers just love the fun of a creative contest.

The success of your mobile app market is all about a great plan that’s created as far in advance as possible. So think before you sync — or possibly sink.


  1. Hi, maven truly great advice given in your post, I have also some tips on mobile app marketing and would like to share. Can you help me out with some tips on Pre release Promotions…?

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