The Law of Svpply & Demand. The Importance of Building a Social Shopping Experience.

a wiser shopping experience

Adding a social layer to your shopping experience leverages the web’s community-building capabilities and can really help you listen to your customers, create better products and stay current and relevant. If you have been waiting, it’s time to get in the game.

One of our favorite sites is Svpply. Svpply is a community of people discovering the things they love. This site keeps track of the things they want to buy, or browse with a personal feed of products from across the web, curated by the people and stores they find interesting. This is a more social, more connected, more interesting and unique way to shop and  an important part of your brand experience.

The premise is that discovery should be social and the world is full of cool stuff that everyone can share with others to build a community and for the seller, a cult like following.

And it’s not just about shopping. It’s about travel and planning. Another new sharing site launches next week. Whereberry gives friends the ability to share their list of things to do together.

Giantnerd is a great example of a company sharing it the right way. This is a place where outdoor enthusiasts can utilize social technology to communicate with others, ultimately making smart, educated purchases in a niche community.

Last month Facebook launched the “Send” button in a bid to persuade retailers and other web sites to replace “send to a friend” with the social network’s features. The button is a social plug-in, a single line of code a retailer can add to its e-commerce site to link to Facebook. But this is only the beginning.

If you are a retailer, ask the question – how do we redesign the buying experience for our customers? How do we incorporate social technology to add value to our shopping experience? And most importantly, how can we use it to listen to our customers?

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