Meet the Social Monitoring Experts @Mashwork

Our company has set up camp at a place called we work (midtown) which provides a collaborative and creative environment where innovative businesses and entrepreneurs can flourish. We also have a pool table, roof top hang out, sound studio and meditation room. It’s also a great place to meet really cool new start-ups and energized people.

A few weeks ago, we were introduced to Mashwork.

Mashwork is bridging the gap between data mining and marketing and helping companies like Ralph Lauren listen to what their customers are saying about their brand. The Mashwork team measures engagement, impact, passion and reach so you can get a better sense of what is being said and felt about your company.

Founded by Jared A. Feldman, Mashwork helps marketing companies and teams map out and navigate the emerging social media landscape.

The company has trade marked Mashwork Listening™ – a new way for brands to receive easy-to-digest customized reports of consumer conversations from places like Facebook, blogs, Twitter, forums, news sources, YouTube and Flickr.

Check out their list of services, which includes an influencer and summary profile analysis, and for control freaks like us, who are very protective of clients’ brand image and reputation, an Early Warning tool with a bi-weekly breakdown of trending items and possible areas of concern.

You can also keep up with the pros at Mashwork here.

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  1. Sounds like you have situated yourself perfectly within your Industry and geographically. I look forward in having The Market Council handle all of Pase Equities marketing needs.

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