Smart Ideas to Boost Word of Mouth Marketing

Most “word of mouth” marketing starts off-line, not on Twitter and Facebook. Begin by giving your local customers something to talk about.

1. Take the time to train and retrain your staff by teaching them how to tell your story to all of your new and existing customers. Role play with your employees and have them talking about the business with the passion and conviction that must be shared with everyone learning about what sets your company apart from the rest.

2. Teach your staff how to gently “up sell” your customers by educating them about the many reasons why customers should buy the products and services you sell. Talk about the benefits of everything you bring to the table.

3. Research your files and find out who your best customers are, what they buy and which customers refer the most friends. These customers are most likely going to share your story with others, because they’re already doing it.

4. Call these customers (your brand ambassadors) and thank them for their loyal business. Don’t forget to ask them if there is anything you can do for them. Perhaps they need a gift certificate for an auction donation to their local school? Or maybe help with a charity that is important to the community? Pitch in and give back.

 5. Visit your business neighbors and lead a brainstorming meeting with fresh ideas on how to market your businesses together. After all, collaboration often times does lead to innovation.  Ideas could include planning an event to encourage customers to conveniently shop in one local area.

6. Are Monday afternoon’s your slowest day of the week? Than schedule that time to meet with local potential advertising and marketing partners as well as influencers in your community. Make Monday’s your marketing strategy days. Meet with PTA groups, local advertising executives and promotional companies to plan local marketing efforts for the future.

7. Start a friend referral program by rewarding your customers with incentives for bringing friends and family into your business. Keep the program simple and inspiring and perhaps link it back to something to help the community. Then think about rolling it out on-line.

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