Build Your Marketing Muscle with a Dose of Daily Ritual

Bulk up your brand reputation with fierce intention and a dose of daily discipline.

Rituals are highly specific behaviors that are done at precise times of the day so that they become automatic and instinctual and no longer need a conscious will or discipline. Creating rituals keeps you organized and on top of your game.

  • When you intentionally decide to create a ritual out of your most important marketing responsibilities you will overcome the overwhelming feeling that keeping up with social media and daily marketing tasks can bring on each day.
  • Create a morning marketing circuit. Just like your 45-minute workout plan at the gym each day to stay in shape, create a morning regimen to build your marketing muscle.
  • Document your thoughts in a notebook or create a folder in your phone for bright marketing ideas and insight and key in notes to yourself throughout the day so you don’t forget them. Check that folder at the end of each day and log in those ideas to implement them in the future.
  • Check your client’s/company’s website, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, You Tube and blog at the same time each day – and respond to comments/requests/invites and mentions one customer at a time.
  • When planning to attend a conference, like Internet week in NY, do your research first and create a check list of the most essential people/companies that you need to meet with face-to-face and leave the rest. Then decide how much time it will take to meet them to keep you from wasting precious hours wandering around the event.
  • Try something new each day. Learn and explore. Mashable is a great place to start. Founded in 2005, Mashable is a top source for news in social and digital media, technology and web culture.

Do you have a marketing ritual to add or recommend? We’d love to hear about it.

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