Great Expectations – Guiding Principles for PR Success

A seasoned PR pro once said to us – do you know what PR stands for?

Pretend Reality.

Too many companies know that they need a PR agency to generate the buzz to build their brand, but if they don’t get the relationship off to great start, PR can sometimes lead to problems.

The best PR agency for your company will give you their guiding principles for success and work with you to develop a plan with smart goals, strategies and tactics that are measured within a realistic timeframe. A good PR plan can take many months to reap results.

Here are some questions to consider before signing that contract/letter of agreement.

1. Do we have chemistry? Does this agency fit into our corporate culture and do they have the potential to be a part of our team? Are they passionate about our products and services?

2. How will we track our progress and ROI?  This would include an analysis of how the generated editorial coverage, events and other PR activities impact the brand and your business with results that can be tracked. Did customers call in? Visit the website? Purchase your products?

3. Will there be  weekly/monthly communication about the progress made on all PR initiatives for our brand? Will it be in the form of a report? Phone call? Email?

4. How will the agency merchandise the editorial coverage we do receive on all social media channels, including our own website and blog?

5. Do we really have the budget to carry out everything in the PR plan? The agency fee may be covered, but what about the cost of each event? Media tour?  Products for placement?

6. Will we schedule half-time adjustments? If something’s not working, not generating press, will we adjust the plan? Is our plan flexible and can we move quickly with our agency to realign our strategy for future success?


  1. I like the “half-time check”. How very important to MAKE THE TIME to do this in a busy small business. Not unlike the “engineering change proposal”.

  2. They say insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. Half time adjustments are mandatory.

    And you are so correct. Time management is everything. For any size business, you need to devote the time, effort and energy into marketing to grow clients and customers.

    Thanks for the post!

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