Diamond in the Rough – How to Polish up Your Brand Image

We recently had a great company with huge potential ask us to proactively manage their PR. We were already co-marketing with them by hosting bikini fashion shows at the grand opening and anniversary parties of a spa franchise client.

They finally came to one of our parties, which featured their fabulous designer swimwear on great looking models (which we partly bartered for spa treatments) from some of the hottest swimsuit brands out there and they wouldn’t leave until we talked about blowing up their brand.

They saw our work in action and they liked it.

This particular company has been in business for 30 years, has two stores (a really cool mother/daughter team) and they recently started an e-commerce site.

So, on a Sunday, we went to their home to talk about getting some great press for their site.

It was a “get to know each other” meeting and what we found was this –

They had five different logos (two different biz cards, one half-done shopping bag, and two completely different online web designs – they just kept changing it up.)

1. Be consistent! Pick ONE logo and run with it. And don’t let your nephew (you know the SVA student) try to design it. Go to the pros, your logo is an investment in your brand.

Their stores had seen better days. Truth be told, they were so busy selling swimwear that they didn’t have time to paint the place (never mind repair the floors, shelving, signage, check out and dressing room).

2. Get your place camera ready. You can’t invite the media in for a story until you look picture perfect. It’s that simple.  You want to look good on camera. Real good.

Their websites (why are their two different stores on line???) were held together with duck tape. Shaky, jumpy, flashy, mashy websites do not make for a happy user experience. They make for a confusing “I’m shopping somewhere else” experience.

3. Hire the right developer and think through the user experience. Now they developed a website with a guy from Moscow who died. I am not making this up. Leaving them to repair, manage and deal with a site that was actually selling $300 bikinis 24/7. The home page images were uploaded by their friend in France, without prices/descriptions or a click to the cart. Now you tell me, how do I tell Lucky Magazine that this is THE place to get the hottest Brazilian tropical print cut out suit of the season??

Now, we had to have a meeting with them to let them know we would LOVE to do their “PR” and get them on Good Morning America, The Today Show and in Elle Magazine, but first we had some polishing up to do.

And you know what, they’re listening. We are so excited when clients do that sort of thing. You know, like take our advice.


  1. Hello

    The brand here seemed to be lacking the work behind the scenes. I was talking to a client yesterday who has started a new company recently. He is a very successful man and I asked him how long he thought it would he before the new venture would be successful.

    ‘Around two years’ he said.

    Sometimes business is about establishing good foundations. A quality shopfront, some great online content, and a clear, unshakable ‘mission’ may take two years to develop, but it looks a lot better when you finally get on Good Morning America.

    I’m on ‘Talented Talk’ at blogger.com, by the way (shameless plug).

    Keep up the rather excellent work,


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