The Case for An Interactive Marketing Mix

Save what tree?

There’s a fairly recent old/new again trend in the world of marketing that has our agency designing newsletters/magazines and periodicals to distribute and communicate to our client’s customers.

Chipotle does it, there’s the Duane Reader, Whole Foods packs theirs with recipes and we’ve even noticed a resurgence of paper at The Soho House.

This year we launched a monthly newsletter for one of our franchise clients, it’s a monthly two page (front and back) lifestyle “newsletter” and a lot of the content goes back into the blog we write weekly for the same client and the email that we send out at the beginning of each month to customers who opt in. We also break down the key messages for social media and deliver them daily to our  client’s fans and followers.

Now, in the age of mobile applications, tablets, email campaigns, Facebook status updates and Twitter feeds one might ask, why? Why actually print the company news?

The sentiment and actual marketing goal links back to the case of communicating at the point of purchase to strengthen existing customer relationships and keep your brand at the top of everyone’s mind.

And now that we see more and more customers scheduling and paying with their mobile phones at check out while they’re scanning our client’s fresh-from-the printer newsletter, we plan to add the ever so popular QR Code to the front page with special offers on services and products.

Can’t forget that call to action.

Adding, trying, listening, testing –it’s what the ultimate marketing mix is about.

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