Truth Be Told Marketing Strategies

The foundation of a successful marketing and PR strategy is built on honesty.

Your customers want to believe you but they are also very smart and skeptical. They know when they’re being over sold and over promised and they can see right through all the promotional propaganda and “magical” fluff.

The key to keeping your customers satisfied is to deliver on every brand promise you have. Keep it real, very real.

Speak the truth on your website, press releases, in your blog, social media channels and marketing brochure.

  •  If you say you’re the fastest, then don’t make them wait more than a few minutes.
  •  If you claim you’re the cleanest, then make sure they could “eat off the floor” of your restaurant if they so desire.
  •  If you brag about being “all-natural” then source your ingredients on your packaging.
  •  If your promise is a great price, then check your competition before they do.

If you want to build a big fan base, a cult-like following, a household name, then create an amazing product or service that fills a real need and let your customers do the hyping for you.

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