Sonar’s on our Radar for Real World Connections

Our June Google calendar is packed with NYC events and we can’t wait to try the newest mobile app that, according to Mashable, leverages social networks for real world connections. This app claims to let you know who’s in the room and how you’re connected. It’s called Sonar and it’s on our radar.

We are pumped to meet new friends, future business associates and network our way through Le Book Connections, Internet Week and a number of happenings at the Soho House.

Nervous about the whole “networking” thing?

• Start with a pre-show plan with a quick scan through the list of attendees and decide whom you want to meet

• Read the news before you get there – for some timely conversation starters

• Practice your intro and don’t pimp yourself out too hard– your mission should be to inspire, engage and make others feel good

• Look sharp –check out these new frocks from Uniqlo from their +J brand

• Posture yourself for success. Stand tall, no slouching – exude confidence

• Bring your calling cards & a wingman, but remember this is not the time to catch up on the game/work/life with your buddy. He/she’s just there to keep it all comfortable

• Arrive 15-20 minutes into the event and always introduce and thank the host when you get there

• Eat before and drink water, this is not a Saturday night “rendezbooze”

• Keep your conversation fresh – don’t forget the mints and/or tic tacs

• Introduce yourself and repeat the person’s name out loud. People love to hear their name

• Make eye contact with a sincere smile –give good vibe, be approachable

• Shut up, listen and soak up the knowledge – like a sponge

• Remember to move on, this is about networking. Any more than 7 minutes in heaven with your new friend is too long. You have a room to work

• Remember one memorable thing about everyone you meet

• Follow up no later than three days after the event – for business associates email is best. Text may be too invasive for new relationships. That’s for later

• Schedule individual follow up meetings to nurture and grow your network

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