How to Become an Award-Winning Company. Be a “Best of” Beauty.

Award-winning companies at The Market Council

One of the most frequently asked questions that we get from our clients is “how do we get on the “best of” lists?   You know, the industry award-winning lists for products and services, whether it be spa, travel, beauty or even health and fitness. It takes research, connections and determination, but we do it every day and make it happen for our clients.

Now, the reader’s choice list is one thing and almost every consumer market has them. If you are in the hotel business, your most likely interested in Travel & Leisure’s methodology.

And in 2010 editors at Allure magazine sifted through a field saturated with over 14,000 product launches in just the last year alone as reported on Stylelist.

And then there is Conde Nast’s Traveller’s Gold List.

So how do you get nominated for lists like these, so you can merchandise the fact that you are an award-winning company and parlay these accolades onto television for increased brand awareness?

  • Do an outstanding job of providing the very best products and services with excellent customer service.
  • Keep your targeted media apprised of all company news, including new services and product launches.
  • Form media relationships (or hire a press liaison that has spent the time building those relationships.) and invite them to try your products and services so that your brand can receive emails like the one we received this past Friday (below) (keeping you apprised of the entire award decision process).


It’s time for NATIONAL MAGAZINE annual round-up of the best beauty places from coast to coast. This year, we are focusing only on NEW places (opened since October 2010) or pros who have recently moved to new locations. The categories include:

-Haircuts -Haircolor -Facials-Brows-Spray Tanning-Waxing

Please send your submissions to me by Tuesday, June 7th and include website addresses. In addition to New York and LA, we’re particularly interested in recommendations from smaller cities in states such as Oregon, Washington, Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, Minnesota, Illinois, Louisiana, Ohio, North/South Carolina, and Florida. Please feel free to forward this email to friends and family who might live in those areas and might like to be a tester for us.

Thank you!

National well-known Celebrity Magazine

Need help becoming an award-winning company? Ask a question or comment below. Or email us. We’d love to hear from you.

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