Twenty Expert Questions about The Evolution of Web Advertising

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We wish you were sitting in with us today, feeling like a fly on the wall, listening in on an Internet Week NY Panel with some big thinking representatives from NYU’s Stern School of Business and L2 Think Tank, Hearst Digital Media, Buddy Media, AdGenesis and Pictela. It was truly exciting, and  a little frightening at the same time. These experts were volleying some really tough questions about the evolution of web advertising. The conversation was jumpy, but the Senior Social Media Strategist from Ruder Finn Interactive was impressed. His comment -“At least they came prepared.”

Here are the top 20 takeaway questions these branding and advertising professionals were asking each other and attempting to answer, all in less than 60 minutes.

 1. Are the only businesses making money on the web right now, Facebook and Google?

Are we certain that consumers will consistently gravitate toward great content?

3. Is it true that if you’re not one of the top ten websites, it’s going to get more and more expensive to get eyeballs to your site?

4. How does a business monetize their “engaging” content?

5. Fact or Fiction? Consumers love brands, advertising not so much.

6. How do advertisers and brands make “rich media” more effective?

 7. Publishers have great content, brands are now publishers – how do we build the love connection; the strategic partnership to make it all work?

 8. Are the three key factors for online success and premium pricing
1. Powerful content
2. Powerful branding
3. Powerful networks? Is this the key to success?

 9. Just how many promotional emails will a consumer tolerate?

 10. How do we put an end to “ad blindness”?

 11. How do brand marketers deliver quality content right where the consumer is, right now?

12. What’s the real difference between social engagement and marketing? Is it really “dialogue”?

13. Is the key to success on Facebook promoting your network, so consumers know your community exists?

14. Is it really true that paid + owned = more earned?

15. If consumers don’t live in isolation of one advertising medium, where’s their vacation home? Labor-hood? Who’s researching and monitoring this information?

16. So, if video is IT – if it’s sight, sound and motion that sells the consumer, how come only 6 percent of ad media is currently rich and in video format?

17. If Facebook is the winner in the evolution of web advertising. than who are the losers? Is it any brand that isn’t a premium publisher? Those who can’t bring branding and activation to the consumer?

18. And what about the real need, the need for data and analytics to prove the ROI of cross platform marketing and other advertising experiments on the web?

19. How do we drive people from traditional to digital with mobile advertising?

20. In the (near) future, will visual recognition allow consumers to photograph any product, get info about the product and shop right from their phone?

Questions, questions, questions. We’d love to hear yours by commenting below.

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