Make Your Next Event Memorable

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Creating an exciting and successful retail environment begins the moment you start looking for retail space.

When selecting a temporary or permanent address for your store/salon/spa/lifestyle emporium, select and build the space so that it is conducive for exclusive events and experiential marketing.

Why can’t every night be a Fashion’s Night Out?

  • Co-promote with like-minded brands and create experiences that will have your customers coming back for more.
  • Include live music and/or DJ and dancing or a crazy Karaoke contest.
  • Bring it all back to a great cause – from The Humane Society to the Red Cross – local or global (anything that is near and dear to your customer’s heart).
  • Feature emerging new designer guests to meet and dress your VIP customers.
  • Invite top stylists to help edit and curate next season’s fashion trends.
  • Get the party cooking with chef classes and/or tastings that will drive word of mouth buzz.
  • Host a live fashion show with “must have” pieces from next season’s collections.
  • Design bespoke experiences – customize something that’s personal for each customer.
  • Host a makeover madness night with your favorite beauty experts.
  • And don’t forget screenings, book readings and signings and celebrity guests.

Need help getting creative? Feel free to contact us at The Market Council.

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