Fashioning Tomorrow for Design Inspiration

Fashioning Tomorrow with

As clever marketing agents, we are constantly trying to get inside the head of the so called “influentials”, generation y,  those that can help us spread the buzz about our brands. How do we reach them? What are they interested in? Where do they get inspired online?

An Interview with The Fashion Scientist

Alana, NYC, 19

1st  year FIT fashion design student

What do you think about the concept of social media marketing?

 all i have to say is kids don’t think about this stuff. we are not like u, we are not just trying to make money yet.

 And Twitter?

A few of my friends are on twitter. I’m not. Although I enjoy reading Kanye’s tweets. They are so funny. 

 Do ads on Facebook annoy you?

Not really. I think it’s interesting how they match your interests, but I’m glad they haven’t taken up the whole site.

 How do you use Facebook?

To see if I have any new notifications or if my wall has blown up. That’s it really.

 Whats your favorite fashion thing on line right now?

Knightcat and Oraclefox

I also like polyvore because they put a Photoshop thing in the site to make mood boards.

Oh and I love Hopstop. It’s so useful.

Most annoying online thing?

Not getting useful directions when I’m trying to learn how to do something and poorly designed and confusing websites.


I get my new bands from trendland.

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