Building Brand Pride

According to studies by reputable researchers, 70 percent of new firms that have at least one employee survive for at least two years. Roughly half go on for five years, according to the Small Business Administration.

With so many uncontrollable factors that work against a company’s success (ex. an unpredictable economy), the case for building brand pride becomes imperative.

Brand pride is how you and your employees demonstrate the belief in your brand’s worth, merit and superiority and is extremely important to building a successful company.

This passion and confidence in your company must shine through in everything you do including what you communicate and deliver to the your customers. Brand pride should be built into your products, training program, operations manual and marketing collateral.

Your brand pride is contagious and bonds customers and employees to your company and builds brand loyalty, not to mention keeping your company’s prices stable. Consumers will pay a premium for quality. Quality services that are performed with pride.

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