Brands with Local Flavor

We help our clients build demand for their brand before they even open their doors. We begin weeks and months before their grand opening, during the construction build-out of their business.  We gather the team and start on the ground with “a pound the pavement” PR plan.

As public relations experts who work with nationally known brands who must enter smaller, local markets,  we strive to understand and infiltrate consumer culture at a local, grassroots level, by identifying and engaging thought leaders and trendsetters within the consumers’ community before our client’s launch in a local neighborhood.

We begin by engaging these customers early, which helps to facilitate a connection to our client’s brand.

Opening a second, third or 100th location in a new city/town/village?  If you’re looking to spotlight your business in a new neighborhood, we suggest you follow us. . .

1) Study your new target community, and model a brand proposition based on that community’s behavior, language and beliefs.

2) Target the influencers within those communities and those businesses that already service your new customers.

3) Begin early, before you open with a face-to-face brand introduction by physically canvassing shop owners and community leaders within a ten to twenty block radius, in a friendly and open manner.

You can think of it as main street marketing 101, and yes it even applies to big cities like Manhattan, which is a collection of smaller ‘hoods.

When these tactics are built into a first year opening marketing strategy, along with –

  • New customer offers on eye-catching “Opening Soon” signage
  • Pre-opening local advertising in and around the marketplace
  • Strategic editorial coverage with regional broadcast, print and online media

you increase the chances of opening with customers who have anticipated your arrival and are ready to shop your services.

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