Ignite Passion into Your Brand

There is an overload of web and technology experts moving into our workspace/office building in mid-town Manhattan. Every day we meet the next new enterprise software startup, mobile application design team, collaboration of SEO experts, internet marketing collaborative and social media marketers.

And most small to mid-sized business owners and potential clients don’t have a clue with what to do with them.

As a full service marketing agency that also offers logo design and content creation, we have met with many companies (in our building alone) that are launching cool products (fashion design collections, beauty products, natural health care, luxury footwear, private equity firms, etc), and with so many “experts” to help them market their products, it’s no wonder they are confused about where and how to start building their brand.

We have met with many enthusiastic new business owners who ask us the same questions – but where do we start?

Begin with proper brand identification and the content needed to share your story. Start by having us develop your brand identity (logo, marketing collateral, package design and website). Your identification design should speak clearly to your target markets and visually share your unique value proposition with compelling messages.

Couple this with a great written story about your company and the benefits provided by your products and services, and you have the foundation of your brand. This is what will be presented to your buyers and customers. This is where you begin.

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