How Popular is Facebook Places?

Location based services like Facebook Places and Four Square usage is still too nascent to take away any real analysis. Could it be that consumers are concerned about their privacy and sharing where they are at any particular moment? Possibly.

Seven of the top 10 check-in sites for these services are airports, according to a study by Wildfire Interactive, with the top 10 including airports, Disneyland, Times Square — and Facebook’s headquarters.

Studies show that only seven percent of all mobile users currently use check in services and businesses are struggling to determine how big of a deal these services really are and how much of it is just hype.

Only time will tell. Regardless, local business should claim their Facebook Place pages and consider listening to what their customers are telling them about what is most interesting and noteworthy about their products and services. This will enable them to tap into that conversation stream and use it to inform and entertain prospects about new launches and offerings.

And although free local pages could give businesses an initial viral boost, Facebook will continue to lure these businesses to ad placement on their site.

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