What’s the Buzz about Facebook Shopping?

According to Retail Tech Blog, 86% of Top 500 Retailers now have presence on Facebook. But having a Facebook presence is just the beginning. Services like Beetailer are helping companies bring their stores to Facebook to grow their business and sell their products.

Beetailer is a service that allows you to integrate your existing online shopping experience with Facebook, which allows you to display your products so Facebook users can discover, comment, share, and purchase them.  Another similar app is Payvment.

When combined with engaging Facebook fan activities (like polls, contests and sweepstakes) as well as sharing editorial reviews and offline campaigns, these apps will move your fans from “like” to “shop” in just a few clicks.

As marketers, we  like the real-time research that Beetailer provides, like  historical information about visitor’s preferences and behavior.  The analytics tools also allow us to find out which campaigns are working and why.

These services also connect with Magento and Shopify e-commerce platforms. A few examples using the Payvment service include model, turned retailer, Molly Sim’s Facebook store and Gibson Guitars lifestyle shop.

According to third-party studies, there are nearly 700 million Facebook users. Click here for current statistics.

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