Marketing to the Miserable


A quick (and mostly depressing) Monday morning news scan started with a read through CNBC’s  misery index story today . It seems that households won’t be in the mood to boost their spending significantly for several more years. “How Miserable? Index Says the Worst in 28 years” (an index that measures the combination of unemployment and inflation.).

From a PR standpoint, we think it’s important to note that households are not just worried, they are afraid. They are afraid to spend their money in the wrong places. And who can blame them?

So, how do you face your customer’s fear? Building brand trust is key.  If you want your customers to stick with you, build a valuable and trustworthy brand with products and services that have real value.

We are inspired by eHow’s article on “How to Deal with People Who Seem Scared of You”.

1. Spruce up Your Brand’s Appearance

People are almost always going to seem scared of you when you look scruffy and unkempt. Make sure your store and website look secure and trustworthy.

2. Smile when you’re chatting with your customers, whether you know them or not. Smiles are a friendly way to show you’re interested in what the they have to say. Be authentic; fake smiles are easy to spot.

3. Watch what you say. Make your company stand out by using courteous and gentle language.

4. Make eye contact with the people who’re afraid of you. By giving them friendly looks you’ll keep them from thinking you’re unsocial.

5. Control the volume and tone of your voice when speaking. Shouting (overselling) tends to put people off. Don’t sell, inspire them. Educate and enlighten your consumers about why your brand is the best.

6. Make a special effort to get to know your customers. Offer to help by doing them a favor, or by giving them advice before they make purchases.

7. Be respectful and listen to your customers. Good listeners put other people at ease. And that is precisely what your customers need to feel before they open up their purses.


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