The Power of Personalization

Brands that create positive experiences to gain emotional involvement are getting it right.

Experience branding takes into account all of the touch-points a customer has with your brand.  It goes beyond just marketing, where touch-points are simply components in the marketing campaign. The power of personalization should be incorporated into sales, customer service, operations, services and social media.

Marketing is getting very personal and the power of personalization cannot be underestimated.  The goal is to anticipate what your customer wants and needs from your brand based on their previous visits and what’s new and exciting that you have to offer them now. If the customer is new, than be sure to get to know what they are all about. Their likes, dislikes, habits and what brought them to your brand in the first place.

  • London’s Red Carnation Hotels has guests fill out a special request form prior to their stay and then personalizes the experience with thoughtful touches like i-Pods pre-loaded with customized media and customized jogging maps of the local area for guests.
  • HSN Launches ‘HSN ID’ (a personalized mobile shopping experiences) and a customized way for consumers to access HSN’s special offers, live broadcast and more,at their convenience on their Sprint ID Android phone.
  • Diesel, the fashion brand, has created an augmented reality where people can create their own laws on their very own island.
  • The Spa Villagio  takes personalized indulgence to a new level with an exclusive space where a customized spa experience is crafted with the guests choice of scents, sound, and spa refreshments for treatments and therapies.
  • Ladies can transform their wardrobe with Linda, the bra lady. Customers get the perfect bra fitting for everything from swimwear to evening wear.
  • A personalized sports program and nutritional analysis await you at the One and Only Resort spas.
  • Whether it’s polar, desert, jungle, mountain or river, Epic Tomato’s  has taken a unique and personalized approach to adventure expeditions around the world.
  • Nike hit the ground running with the ultimate custom design process at Nike id.
  • Smythson’s brand heritage was built around personalization with customized calling cards and personalized stationary

Brands don’t need big budgets to personalize their customer’s experiences. They just need to pay (detailed) attention to their customers.


  1. Great post Madeline. Just recently I decided to paint my room. Being completely clueless about what colors to use and where to start, I went on the Sherwin Williams website. On the site, you can choose colors to “paint” a virtual room to test out color schemes. Also, you can take a picture with your smart phone of a color and upload it to the website. From there, the site will find a color that best matches the color you most desire. How cool is that? I love technology.

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