Sunday Spa Therapy – Spa Marketing 2011

Every day really should be approached witha spa mind-set of healthy living, but Sunday, just feels like it should be a spa day.

In the past few years, the real leading spa treatment trends have and continue to be –

  • personalized spa experiences that focus on the healing science behind spa therapy
  • healthy skin aging treatments that offer an alternative to cosmetic therapies like Botox and plastic surgery as well as
  • shorter spa therapies (ie. the 30 minute neck and shoulder massage and 15 minute facial)

We are experienced with helping spas like Townhouse Spa, Acqua Beauty Bar, White Tea and Willow Stream spas with their marketing and PR and we believe that incorporating these “trends”  into spa menus have proven to effectively help drive revenue, develop new customers (and markets) as well as build a brand presence for spas of all sizes.

Spa managers and owners must pay attention to the treatments that spa goers want and the spas that deliver them effectively will succeed to lead in their markets. Engagement is the name of the game and this report from the Global Spa Summit will give those interested in the state of the industry up-to-the-minute insight.

And for those looking for a leading provider of cloud-based business customer relationship management and spa marketing, our clients have had great success with Spa Booker.

Jumping on the Spa week bandwagon has become one of the most popular ways to introduce new customers to your spa with limited time special offers.

The Market Council will take the stress out of marketing your spa brand. We are your experienced team that delivers real results.


  1. Thank you Cheryl. We like how you’ve combined the mindful and medical into your spa philosophy. Please feel free to email, call or post any questions you have about marketing and PR. We are hear to share.

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