How to Deliver Real Time Customer Satisfaction

Now that consumers are sharing their experiences online, each and every interaction becomes critical to listening, anticipating their needs, and resolving any issues quickly. It use to be that the old-school customer survey was the answer to finding out how and where your business could use improvement. No one has the time to put pen in hand (or stylus to tablet), let alone read the questions some market research team put together.

Which is why we are so impressed with One-2-Ten. Applying the universally recognized “1-10” scale in combination with the corresponding color code; it enables customers to rate an experience in real-time, which is displayed for others to see.

  • Want to know if your guests enjoyed the complimentary continental breakfast?
  • Feel relaxed and refreshed after that Swedish massage?
  • Successfully booked their holiday reservation?

One-2-Ten allows you to configure questions on the spot and change them throughout the day. They have created real time rating systems that are available on location as well as online. This is an awesome way to up the level of customer service in a retail environment instantaneously .

You have to watch the video testimonial from CitizenM Hotels (pictured in this post) to see how easy One-2-Ten has made it for people to share their experiences. Oh, and as you will see, it’s also a great employee motivator.

For those business owners and marketing managers who are brave enough to hear the truth from their customers, One-2-Ten will help you build a better customer experience.

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