Stores That Make Us Want to Stay and Play

  Built to entertain, engage and inspire

1. Gentlemen’s outfitter, barbershop and cafe, Captains of Industry (created by practical men of wild experience) is so inviting it makes you want to kick back, stay a while and throw down a whiskey as your suit is tailor-made. Bespoke footwear/traditional haircuts/beverages and comestibles. The place is also available for functions and events. Love this crazy shoemaker’ blog.

2. Pure Entertainment at Aubin and Willis
 – packed with darlings duds/fab frocks, a poetry salon, cinema, styling sessions and of course – The Swift Red Fox

3. Hardcore Recycling and the F-Cut – use Freitag’s F-cut tool to design your own messenger bag on line. This Zürich based company recycles from items like truck tarpaulins, unraveled seat belts, air bags and inner tubes.

4. Creative Collaboration at Brazil’s whimsical retail bazaar Endossa. The trend prophets at PSFK wrote about Endossa light years ago.

5. And the ongoing objects & mini-exhibitions from around the world at Kiosk and in-house denim production by 3×1

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