The Sweet Smell of Success

Sometime last year we had approached The Museum of Sex (NYC) with an idea for an installation about the sense of smell and attraction. Everything in the museum is so visual that we wanted to see if the owners would be opened to creating something different and unique. Why? Because we were looking for an authentic way to launch a fragrance collection that already had an international cult-like following. We had introduced a niche perfumer,  a client  of ours from Amsterdam, that has created best-selling fragrances like Duro and Black Afgano,  to be the star attraction to help curate this new exhibition. Who better than him? His unisex collection, Nasomatto can be found in Barney’s and in select locations around the world.

At the time, the MOS director told us about a project they were working on that would tap into world’s sensual appetite for the unusual.

Their study –

The enhancement of sexual vitality with food is a human tradition that spans cultures worldwide.

Their mission –

A restaurant/bar of aphrodisiacs from oysters to ashwagandha which have been used to affect sexual libido, fertility, potency, and attraction for centuries.

The Oral Fix Bar has opened for over a year and we’ve tried a few versions of the Aphrodite, a jasmine almond nectar libation with honey crystal rim. Not sure about the lusty effect but it sure is refreshing on a hot summer day.

We haven’t been back yet for horny goat weed pop.

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