Building Brand Trust Begins in the Boardroom

While many of us in the US are celebrating Independence Day today, we’re thinking about tomorrow, the start of a new work week and what we’d really like to be free from – the BS business speak that happens in boardrooms daily. Although we’d like to believe that the majority of our colleagues know that this business jargon does not necessarily assert intellectual authority, we wonder why it continues and how it could possibly lead to building brands that communicate clearly and effectively with their customers.

We declare our independence from the opposing words and phrases that cause confusion and help to ensure that nothing makes sense while creating a messy chain of misunderstanding.

So dear key team players and stakeholders, let’s get some traction on this, take a high-level approach and  push forward in a significant way and stage or own declaration of independence and revolt from –

  • redefining mission-critical deliverables
  • targeting virtual relationships
  • trying to power solve problems
  • syndicating cutting-edge markets
  • benchmarking turn-key interfaces
  • meshing real-time platforms
  • embracing real time infrastuctures
  • leveraging turn-key deliverables
We ask everyone to remain proactive as we simplify the way we strategically speak to each other. There will be no circling back on this initiative.
Amused? Feeling our pain? Check out the Web Economy BS Generator for more BS business speak. Have an early morning meeting tomorrow? Play Buzzword Bingo to get through the gruel.

And the list goes on – a few words we’d like to ban from the boardroom –

synergy, core competencies, end-to-end, facilitate and lead, identify potential, milestones and objectives, leverage, best practice

bench mark, value added, vision statement, fast track, cross functional

And BS job titles we think are ridiculous

  • Chief Optimization Agent
  • Forward Usability Associate
  • District Marketing Coordinator
  • Central Branding Assistant

Annoyed at branding and business speak? We hope so.

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