2011 Fascinating Social Media Statistics

Thank you Jeff Esposito of Social Media Today for combining the most current social media statistics to date. One of the most impressive  in your collection is that “one out of every six minutes spent online is on a social network”. Facebook for sure (with 96% of Americans sporting a default pic and profile), but from the questions we are asked by those outside of marketing, we’re still wondering. It could be that we are so wrapped up in social media that we can’t see the people for the tweets.

At times, when hanging out with friends, workers and family or sometimes in the middle of a business proposal,  we just feel like advertising aliens, especially when talking to people who work in industries like insurance, accounting and finance.

They’re curious and confused about social media at the same time. At four different gatherings just this past week alone, with four different demographic profiles (from 16 to 50) we were asked four different questions –

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