Social Engagement with Digital Out of Home Media

Our agency is in the midst of designing a digital billboard campaign right outside of Orlando, Florida in the lovely community of Dr. Phillips. Our goal is to create a well-executed and impactful campaign while driving local consumer engagement, blah, blah, blah, but our biggest challenge is how to do it without causing a major accident on the intersection of Turkey and Sand Lake Roads. According to the sales rep for Clear Channel, they have had advertisers prompt consumers to text for a promotion, but we know texting and driving is a big NO and illegal in a growing number of states. So, how do we see the so called campaign “stopping power” at a real stoplight? We all know that the only thing a driver should be doing is paying attention to the road. Hell, even a 8 second joke might be too distracting. The only thing we have left is a quick call to action and it can’t require  texting a message. There’s a lot of buzz about digital out-of-home combined with new and emerging technologies (QR codes, Augmented Reality, Near Field, etc) that work well in walking cities and malls, but not necessarily on the highways or in suburbia.

Best practices are still being developed and innovation in this industry lies in testing the best solutions to reach targeted consumers with the most appropriate messages to engage them and provide the best tools to retaining feedbackThe goal is to enable real-time interactivity between mobile, social media applications and digital display networks (outdoor, place-based) and there are a number of platforms that offer a suite of software and services for creating, managing, delivering content and experiences across digital media channels.

Interesting to note, our ad rep is digging up a presentation on something called Outdoor Connect from Clear Channel. It’s a way in which advertisers can use social media and digital out of home together. We told him he should consider launching it soon. Smirk.

FYI, we decided on having the Dr. Phillips community like us on Facebook through a call to action on our digital billboard. We’ll engage them by posting their photos on our board as our client makes this city beautiful one smiling face at a time.



  1. The reality is that for your brief, you need “active” rather than “interactive” media. For example, getting people to post photos from Facebook to the screen(s) (assuming you have good moderation/admin tools) is a great start – the same can be done via Twitter, Foursquare etc – but hopefully in a scalable and robust way. Good luck!

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