How to Be Newsworthy – Wise Public Relations Advice

We’re fiercely protective of our clients’ reputations, so when it comes to announcing  new launches, we run through our “check list ” of must haves to ensure maximum media coverage by asking questions that go beyond the who? what? where? when? and why? and before we begin sharing.

1. Is the story compelling and interesting? Is it truly newsworthy?

2. Is this news timely? Does it have a sense of immediacy?

3. Does it add a sense of value to lives? Is it a catalyst for change? Is it truly helpful?

4. Is it interactive? Can journalists, writers and the public share it easily?

5. Is it 100% truthful and accurate? Are we helping to deliver the facts?

6. Have we covered all angles? markets? uses?

7. Is this news shareable, tweetable, likeable and postable?

8. Will it become a spark for conversations?

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