No Dope Marketing Lessons From the Tour De France


The Tour de France started in 1903 with 60 cyclists. This year, 31 countries are represented and 12 to 15 million spectators will watch one of the most challenging races on earth.

We meet so many companies and future clients that desire to grow their business  but admit to being confused about how, where and when to begin.

We have  followed a few lessons from the Tour founders and apply them to our client’s winning marketing & PR programs.

1.  Start somewhere (even if it’s small) and don’t let the desire to be perfect get in the way.

2. The Tour de France has changed its rules and it changes it’s course every year. Remember to stay fresh, current and exciting, your brand should move and change with the times.

3. Gain and learn from experience because nothing’s perfect, including your company and your marketing campaigns. So start taking calculated risks.

4. Be persistent and exercise your marketing muscle all year round. Be sure to make more calls to journalists, try new headlines for your story ideas, schedule more meetings to learn about new advertising opportunities and study new markets that will benefit from your business.

 Interesting Tour de France Facts

  •  123,900 – calories burned by a rider in the course of the Tour
  • 486,000 at 90rpm – number of pedal strokes taken per rider over the Tour
  • Three – average number of chains worn out by a single rider
  • 792 – total number of tires used by the peloton

Finally, the country of France is literally filled with medieval cities, alpine villages, and glorious beaches. Vineyards and wines make it world famous, as do the many classical museums and monuments. For those getting ready to visit France, an amazing list of  100 Things to Do in France


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