Exploring New Frontiers

For those of you who play in the modern-day world of PR, you will get it. It’s no longer “media outreach” it’s influential outreach. If you’ve got followers and a voice of authority, than you’ve got our attention.

For our clients, we present a sneak peek into what it means to go to bat for you. For the rest, an intriguing summary of the day-to-day responsibilities of a true grit PR team.

 Buzz Building Goal            As many quality downloads of a new iPhone app as possible on a small PR budget.

Game Plan            Let’s see how long we can stay on the Apple New & Noteworthy list. Outreach to a mix of broadcast, print and digital insiders for potential reviews. Hopefully all positive.

Strategy             Smile and dial. Personalized outreach to short and long lead media – and all the key influencers in-between. The usual suspects, everyone from Kathie Lee and Hoda to the lovely reporters at Realbeauty.com.  Think bloggers, editors, producers, on-line components of magazines like Allure, Elle, Real Simple and Vogue and every media outlet in-between. We hold no prisoners, Time, Newsweek, USA Today. We truly believe there’s an angle here for everyone to share.

The Process

Tall iced red-eye in hand, we tuck in for a long day. We post relevant comments on the blogs of Seventeen. We run to Hudson news for the most recent copy of Weight Watchers, Redbook and More Magazines. We check Linkedin for career moves. We call the Culture editor of Time Magazine and we read recent articles from Marie Claire and the Girls in the Beauty Department at Glamour. We weigh in on influential outreach of over 1,600 niche bloggers. We share, recommend and inspire. We email, tweet, Facebook and call each influencer, one beauty at a time. That is how it’s done.

 Initial Results

Actual email from an influential blogger sent to us today –

Hi there, thanks for reaching out, and for actually taking the time to check out my blog — nice to see there are good PR people left in the world!

Actual email from online beauty site –

 Hi – do you have a hi-res pic of the app on the phone?

 Actual email from very popular women’s monthly magazine

Thanks for reaching out about this! I’m actually really interested in learning more details. Can you send me a press quickly?

As much as we appreciate and admire those trying to make sense of it all, nothing is down to an exact science. The www is the wild wild west and we’re in the trenches doing whatever it takes to make it happen, one reporter, one blogger, one respectful influential relationship and review at a time.

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