Branching Out to New Markets

We’re working with our clients on a marketing plan to branch out and expand brand awareness in secondary markets as we begin to increase over all US and international sales.

Despite being fewer in number and generating less total sales than their primary target market (18 to 50-year-old US women), our clients secondary markets should nonetheless be the focus of a significant share of their business’ marketing efforts.

Our infiltration plan includes a competitive study in targeted locations (this week that would be Puerto Rico and the UK). Our competitive study includes the review of price, product, promotional strategies, packaging, branding tactics and even celebrity following. With this key information, we will be able to develop and tweak our client’s key messages and marketing materials in these new markets and position them for growth.

Our plan will include sharing through social media and garnering public relations (editorial coverage) as well as marketing and advertising through traditional media, websites/forums and blogs.

We’ve also identified a secondary market of cyclists, swimmers, participants in triathlons, body builders and runners and we will  include local events throughout the US and strategic alliances with like-minded organizations to bring our clients new key messages and benefits to the world of weekend warriors and professional athletes.

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