Grand Opening Success

We helped our client open their newest location today with over 65 customers pre-booked and ready to pay for an amazing beauty service.  Not bad for a retailer with 10 treatment rooms. The paint was barely dry on the walls and it was so thrilling to see business happening in a new neighborhood for a still relatively small and emerging company.  Especially in 100 degree NYC heat. How did we do it? We started marketing 45 days before opening.

  • We continually (but not annoyingly) announced our “Coming Soon” messages on our client’s website, Facebook, Twitter and Blog.
  • Designed Opening Soon Signage for our client’s windows to hide construction and entice the neighborhood with special offers.
  • Sent two separate email blasts to our entire customer base, brand wide, announcing this new opening and encouraged our customers to book on-line and to forward the email to their friends.
  • Lured new customers in with a 20% pre-booking offer so that today’s schedule was filled by last week.
  • Sent a press release out over the wires to bump up media awareness and website SEO.
  • Created 4×6 distribution cards and brochures and networked a 20 block radius around the new location, treating a huge city like New York the way it should be considered, a group of small neighborhoods.
  • And today, camera in hand, we greeted the first six customers with big hugs, refreshing mimosas and a special gift (our client’s branded sun block, which is so appropriate for this blazing day).

Now on to planning the real grand opening event, that is after tweaking our services, staff and letting the paint settle.

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