Look, Listen and Learn -The Truth About Brand Engagement

Online brand engagement is a two-way conversation and sometimes requires you to take  a sharper look at your product offerings.

We had dinner last night with the CMO, CEO and Founder of a very popular niche  community-based website of 2.5 million strong, ( who also happens to be a client – lucky us ). They created this huge following that began over 14 years ago. The purpose was to inform, empower and unite a community of people brought together by a common interest.

So naturally, we asked, how do you attract and keep brand advertisers pleased when you have a very large, passionate and opinionated community that holds no prisoners? What do you do when your paying advertisers complain about negative reviews of their products on your website?

Listen, learn and read in-between the lines.
The smart companies that advertise on their site put their egos aside, make lemonade out of the sour remarks they see and hear and let the community help  them develop better selling products.
With over 50 advertisers in a place where peer-to-peer-reviews are more honored and trusted than any editorial mention, these brands have no other option but to make those negative reviews work for them. Its like having a daily ongoing focus group at your finger tips.

What to do with negative reviews?

Is the community calling your product “sticky”? Then maybe its time to look at the consistency of your formulations.

They say it takes too long to work? Maybe its time to go back to the drawing board.

The 20 price tag too steep? You might consider selling your product in smaller sizes for less money.

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