The Do’s and Don’ts of Media Desk Side Visits

Photo Courtesy of Beach Tomato - one of our favorite beauty, fashion and travel sites

It’s high tide and we’re headed to the beach after a looooonng week in the city. We pounded the pavements in 100 degree heat visiting with the media at Conde Nast and Hearst.  We take our clients on desk side media meetings when they have something noteworthy to launch and it needs to be demonstrated. Sometimes we will see up to eight editors a day over the course of three consecutive days. We schedule appointments with editors, associates, assistants, bloggers and freelance writers from magazines like Allure, Brides, Elle, Fitness, Good Housekeeping, Harper’s Bazaar, Marie Claire, Nylon, Glamour, Shape, Vogue – it all depends on what we’re launching that’s new and noteworthy and if its right for their target audience.

Here are some tips on how to maximize your time with the media and look like a pro –


  • Read their latest issue or post before the meeting.
  • Bring the essentials. Press kit and full size samples.
  • Follow up fast – send a thank you note within three days of your introduction.
  • Respond to a post-meeting question within the hour and within minutes if there’s an asap! involved.
  • Send exactly what the editor asks in the timeframe in which they need it.
  • Let them know who your bringing to the meeting and their position and responsibilities in the company – before hand.
  • Create an engaging presentation – try to involve as many senses as possible – site, smell, taste, touch – make it entertaining and fun, but  at the same time sweet and concise.
  • Stay on point even if the editor doesn’t seem engaged or isn’t asking a lot of questions. That’s okay.
  • Be generous with your product  – now is not the time to skimp with samples.


  • Be late, tired or unenthusiastic. This is your time to shine.
  • Speak with continual self-praise. Stay humble.
  • Never ask what are you working on?
  • Do not repeat yourself. Practice and nail your pitch down (confident not canned ).
  • Please don’t ask them if they know your cousin’s friend who interned at Gourmet magazine or your neighbor in the accounting dept of GQ.
  • Rattle off all the media you’ve been in since last year – hey -your suppose to be fresh meat.
  • Don’t mention new products that are still in development that they’re still just an idea in your head.
And please don’t ask when they will be writing about your fabulous new product/service or location. They’ll let us know.

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