Smoking Hot Storytelling -Behind the Scenes Branding

Two hunky NYC Firefighters came into our client’s center to get waxed for their fundraising calendar today. OMG, it’s almost better that we didn’t photograph them. Leaves more to the imagination.

Great storytelling isn’t just for marketing execs, communication directors and PR reps. Sharing stories is also the responsibility of the front liners, those in direct contact with customers. Everyone in the company must be able to tell  great stories about the brand, including the sales associates, receptionists, managers and the greeters. And they can’t just tell the story – they have to learn how to share it – so they can  let their customers fill in the blanks, you know, engage.

That’s why we make sure everyone has the facts straight.

As marketing professionals, we develop the key messages, engaging dialogue and brand stories for our clients and then we go out into the field and train our client’s staff, so that they can share it all with the world. Share that is. . . not preach.

One of the most important aspects of our client responsibilities is the behind the scenes training that we do on a daily basis to make sure that everyone in our client’s company is speaking the same language and telling a similar story to the hundreds of customers seen daily.

We also make sure the stories ring true to their Facebook updates, tweets and blog posts as well as the editorial coverage they receive in national and local media outlets. All in the name of consistent brand messaging.

We do this by coming in before opening and sometimes after closing to meet with retail staff and management to review our client’s brand promises, mission and all of the fun details about the company that makes shopping at their locations so unique. We do this often and we listen to those in touch with the customers every day. And that is how we know about our bravest coming in for a back wax.

Sharing stories really helps keep everyone in the loop, excited about the brand and communicating for success.


  1. I’m using my imagination seeing those firefighters getting waxed, no paparazzi allowed. In this case, your words are worth a thousand photos!

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