Collaborative Consumption – Together We Can

Collaborative Consumption describes the rapid explosion in traditional sharing, bartering, lending, trading, renting, gifting, and swapping reinvented through network technologies on a scale and in ways never possible before. Time Magazine named it one of the most important movements of the decade.

My Life Scoop with tips for a connected lifestyle recently posted ten websites for collaborative consumption.

Collaborative consumption reshapes markets by changing supply and demand economics. As consumers downsize and  demand for new products shrink, it’s important for businesses to rethink how they market their products and services. It’s time to reconsider their product life cycle and the services offered to extend that cycle as well as how it is designed for durability and reuse. Now is also the time to create a sharing and renting component for consumers as well as a community to rate and review products and services as well.

GiftFlow is a community where you can get involved by getting things you need for free and finding people who need the stuff you have to give away. GiftFlow connects community organizations, businesses, governments and neighbors into a giant network of reciprocity, where they can share resources, meet each others’ needs and coordinate their efforts to build a better world.

Zaarly helps you buy and sell the things you need with people in your community.

Our Goods is a barter network for the creative community.

Collaborative Fund aims to be the leading source of capital and strategic support for creative entrepreneurs who want to change the world. The fund focuses on two themes: the increasing importance of values as they relate to the decisions we make about who we work for, what we buy, and how we spend our time; and the shift from an economy based on hyper-consumption to one based on Collaborative Consumption.

Nautical Monkey allows you to create a fractional boating or sharing relationship tailored specifically to your situation and needs and Neighborgoods allows you to save money and resources by sharing stuff with your friends.

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