The “Me to We” Global Movement

Courtesy of BMW Guggenheim Lab

We are fascinated by the evolution of important movements that have evolved from competing for a smaller slice of consumers’ disposable global income.

Crowdsourcing– let go, trust and let others take over, leaving the design element to the consumer, sometimes skipping retail altogether and letting the creative process take place where ever it may. Tapping into the collective intelligence of the public. Aiming to engage fans on a deeper level and solve bigger problems.

Social media engagement that helps to build international networks and encourage social entrepreneurship while inspiring consumption through charitable endeavors while creating campaigns that stimulate a sense of interaction.

Teamwork with connections that promote a positive exchange of skills, ideas and culture as well as integration and interaction.

Sustainability that inspires, educates, activates and celebrates as well as focuses on rising above defeat rather than suffering from it. For example, BMW Guggenheim’s mobile lab that is traveling around the world to inspire innovative ideas for urban life.

Creativity with a model that fuses the online and offline worlds, while still maintaining its tradition of crafted storytelling. The goal is to weave the brand into the conversations while making it an empowering and universal truth.

As Robert Redford, founder of the Sundance Film Festival, said during this year’s seminar program “A good story is telling something you haven’t known; something that hits your gut, your heart and therefore, your emotions.”

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