Building Trust & Influence

We landed a great placement for our client on today.  A nice way to start the week for sure. We are often asked how this is done. How do you reach and inspire the writers and editors of such influential media to write and report about your clients? Well, to begin with, influence is not built with a few blog posts and Twitter followers and neither is building trusted relationships with influentials. It takes years. Just take a look at Oprah’s career path. One does not create unmatched credibility and influence that is consistently and universally recognized overnight. The same goes for our team at The Market Council. It takes years to build relationships that are honored and trusted with the media. Years of delivering original and inspiring story ideas, expert interviews, timely advice, authentic tips and media-worthy new product launches to have an editor or journalist respond to a media relations professional.

This particular placement also started on the ground, with a face-to-face meeting. Who knew when we scheduled the appointment that it would be a 104 degree day in NY when we met with the writer in her digs in the Hearst Building to share our new beauty mobile app? So, you might say it takes persistence as well. Oh, and we also brought an independent expert along to help testify and validate the importance of our new launch. Interestingly enough, she also has her own blog, a blog that could be a great source for Oprah.

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