Promotions that Pack a Punch

Wouldn’t life be easier if all word-of-mouth referrals were happening online. The rapid pace of sharing information about your business would make it so simple to grow your sales. The truth is, word-of-mouth buzz is shared everywhere. Sure, online conversations about your services are increasing, but those same customers still live and share every day face-to-face. They share at the office, in the supermarket, on the beach, in the movie theatre and in the park.

The Market Council specializes in increasing your brand’s reach with 360 degree marketing strategies that create high-value visibility and profitable demand. This includes pre-opening promotions that pack a punch and engage customers where they are most likely to respond.

This is a post about small business marketing with ideas that will help local consumers find you on-line and help you manage your reputation before you even open your doors. It’s about building a perception about what’s to come and getting your local markets excited and talking about your new business.

Our agency is responsible for the national branding and local marketing support of a growing franchise company.  We build their brand through editorial coverage in major national media outlets and we spend considerable amounts of time supporting each franchise in their regional and local markets. And we start early.

We help new franchisees promote their business even before they begin construction on their new location(s). This includes acquiring and retaining customers while managing their online reputation.

Whether they are based in San Diego, Chicago, Orlando or New York, we have created a first year marketing plan that begins with a strong promotional push from pre-opening to grand-opening and that continues into their first year of business.

Promoting your new business on a local level should begin at least 45 days before your doors actually open with –

  • Special offers on your coming soon window treatments to excite and lure in new customers.
  • Local offline media promotions including newspaper, magazine, radio and outdoor advertising; promoting the same pre-opening offers (it’s important to research what forms of advertising and promotion really work in your local area).
  • Establishing a digital presence before opening with strategic advertising and listings in web-based directories.
  • Creating digital profiles in social media channels that are specific to your location (like Google), as well as profiles with consumer ratings like Yelp and business pages and places on Facebook.
  • Developing printed marketing material for on the ground networking (because contrary to what you may be hearing, consumers do not live in the digital world 24/7) as well as meeting with local charity groups, the chamber of commerce, main street associations and other small businesses and networks like yours before you actually open.

We also assist and support getting the word out by building a local landing page on the brand’s website for their new location and begin search engine optimization for their local territory before they service their first customer.

We send coming soon photos for their Facebook Places (linked to our national branded Facebook page) and we begin to follow those living and working in their region by tweeting pre-opening promotions.

And most importantly, we measure the success of each promotional opportunity on a continual basis to discover the best and most cost effective forms of local marketing for each franchise.

This formula of success can be tweaked and used by any business for pre-opening success. Need help creating the right promotions that pack a punch for your brand?  Give us a call or drop us a line. We are here to help.

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