Media Relations Super Heroes

Fast acting follow-up can make for amazing media relations and results. The sooner you can get back to an editor/writer/journalist/blogger the more you increase  your chances of creating the authority position for your brand. Why? Because typically, your business is not the only one featured in a story and if you miss the writer’s deadline because of too many emails or a hectic day, well, than, that’s one for the competition.

If you are lucky enough to get a response back from a media member or an email weeks or months after contacting them, requesting your full size product samples, an interview or TV appearance, act with a strong sense of urgency. Splurge on the courier, overnight or messenger service. Pick up the phone and/or schedule a time to conduct the interview.

Don’t even try to postpone.  And if your product is being featured, don’t send samples, send the full 8 or 12 ounce bottle. Do you know how packed their product closets are of unsolicited launches?

  • Friday night request for an interview? Drop what you’re doing and answer the questions.
  • Email request for more information?  Send the press releases and call to make sure they have everything they need.
  • A list of 20 difficult questions about the future of your particular industry?  Get researching and writing.

Questions that are okay to ask –

  • What is your deadline?
  • Do you need visuals?
  • Have we answered all of your questions?

Questions that may not get any answers –

  • What is the spin on your story?
  • What other companies are included?
  • Is my product/company the one that is featured?
Our response rate to the media is what has helped us build a great reputation as trustworthy and professional media experts. Have a question about how to build your press coverage? Contact us today.

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