Marketing that Moves You

Getting inside the hearts and minds of your customers has to be one of your most important marketing goals. Neurological marketing is all the buzz right now and making emotional connections between brand and fan has become the big priority.

Take a look at Buyology a company that has developed proprietary physiological measurements based on brain and eye reaction to marketing stimulus that directly impacts in-market performance. These measures are collected either via Central Location Testing utilizing medical grade EEG and state-of-the art eye tracking equipment or via a global pre-recruited in-home panel via web-based stimuli and Bluetooth EEG collection equipment.

For certain, tapping into the love potential will lead to –

  • Increased customer testimonials
  • Rapid word-of-mouth recommendations
  • More effective promotional strategies
  • Engaging communication between companies and customers with real-time response
  • And ultimately increased sales

There are many scientific advancements being made in the name of technology with over 90 neuromarketing agencies worldwide serving leading brands like Microsoft, Google, Daimler Chrysler and Nestle.

But what can smaller, emerging brands do when they don’t have the budget to monitor their customers’ brain activity? How about sitting in on conversations with their customers and monitoring their reactions? This is a great way to uncover what is really appealing (and maybe what needs improvement).

We have a client that has raised the standards in their industry and their customers recognize it all to well. Their customers actually talk about how happy they are that they “discovered” our client.  We watch them when their checking out. They are happy and pleased to pay.

This is one of the reasons our client is growing with 20% increase in sales year after year even in this slumpy economy.


Well our marketing efforts show that offering the customer exactly what they want and then persuading and inspiring word-of-mouth friend referrals is the number one reason. Customers love what the brand has to offer  –

Happy customer service (with an uplifting smile)

Quality (at a price they can pay with customized promotions)

 Safety (customers really want to feel this emotion right now)

Cleanliness (especially in the age of bed bugs and bacteria)

Affordability (no explanation needed)

Pure ingredients (not organic, but really natural)

And fast service (who’s got the time for anything?)

And they share their love for our client with their friends, loved ones and co-workers. They share their love for our client in person, at work and on Facebook.

That’s it.

Now is the time to listen and connect with each customer and give them something they want to share.

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