Successful Marketing Operations


Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted.” – Our Man, Mr. Albert Einstein

We’re running marketing reports to help our client’s increase their sales and loyal customer base as well as develop a few sales goals.  We are working with rudimentary reporting software developed by Spa Booker to uncover things like:

  • the success of new customer acquisition campaigns and programs
  • customer retention rates per professional
  • customer origin (how did they hear about us?)
  • special code usage (from promotional programs)
  •  word-of-mouth marketing campaigns (friend referrals)
  •  Reward Program(customer loyalty program) redemption

And when all is said and done, all of these reports link back to one very important fundamental – how important operational training  and exceptional customer service is to real marketing success.

The bottom line is this –

If you aren’t offering the ultimate customer service,  managing and measuring marketing efforts becomes increasingly challenging.

How do you really measure the potential to reach a new  happiness level (aka satisfaction) of a customer in a marketing report (other than surveys and/or  by responding to Yelp/online feedback)?

Marketing Operations (according to IBM) is the management of analytical and operational activities that enable the marketing department or agency to measure and monitor marketing and advertising budgets, planning, project work, and campaign results while systematically improving effectiveness and efficiency.

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