Motivational Marketing Strategies – Luring ’em in

Understanding human motivation might just help us answer questions like –

  • Why are people spending on luxury during a global recession?
  • Why do some customers actually take the time to write product and service reviews on sites like Yelp?
  • What it takes to influence customers to “like” you on Facebook and follow you on Twitter?
  • How come the most affluent shop in discount stores?
  • How can your brand ease people’s lives while bringing them balance and harmony?

Trends in human motivation that inspire marketing include –

  1. Selling vitality and the idea of an enriched life to an aging population, so they can maximize their potential, whatever age they are.
  2. Promoting generosity during a time when demanding jobs and hectic lifestyles are driving people to reconsider what is important in their lives.
  3. Raising the bar in personal care and giving people a sense of control over their lives. This includes the idea of offering options in “health travel” where consumers can select the destinations based on technology, expertise and price. Check out that connects people with teachers, tutors and coaches to help them learn, look and feel better.
  4. Offering value rather than price to customers who are looking for justified performance and quality.
  5. Developing a mission of corporate responsibility that delivers authentic, targeted, transparent and ethical offerings.

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