PR that Transforms Brands

We often see companies create a “campaign” about their brand and place a time limit on promotion. This is only one strategy. Building buzz about your brand begins with the development and commitment of daily habits that continue to build awareness about your company’s products and services over the course of time.

Persistence and perseverance can help build a great long-term buzz-building public relations campaign that gets noticed and helps to continually spike sales.

Transforming PR Techniques

  • Commit to engaging with writers, reporters, bloggers and editors on a daily basis. At least two hours of your day should be spent marketing your core products and that includes “PR”. If you and your staff don’t have the time, than hire an agency or seasoned pro that can do it for you with discipline and intent.
  • Developing as many interesting and new solutions to every day challenges or problems. How can your product help the readers and viewers of specific media outlets over come popular problems that hamper there every day lives?
  • Continue with the creation of stories that offer solutions. Is your product a time saver? budget-friendly? a breakthrough innovation? Pitch each individually for inclusion of a variety of articles.
  • Following up daily with writers, editors and journalists after your first, second and even seventh call, tweet and email.

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