The Evolution of Social Relations

We are continually challenged and excited about the evolution of marketing and public relations. What an amazing time to be in the field of communications. But, what does it take to monitor and engage at the speed with which information travels via the world wide web and mobile applications?  The digital age has given everyone an instant and important voice and a successful branding/marketing agency and/or talented social relations professional (formerly a PR agent) must now be a –

  • skilled customer service specialist ready for direct two-way communication with consumers on all social media channels, including those that are location-based.
  •  sharp, storytelling professional ready to understand how customers are emotionally connected to your brand.
  •  seasoned campaign manager able to create favorable brand impressions and develop deep connections with your future and existing customers.
  •  media relations expert equipped with the facts and information an online journalists needs now, not later.
  •  social media pro who can handle customer complaints in a diplomatic way with the right resources and tools while sharing positive information about new product and service enhancements.

Social Relations Experts must also be able to take a holistic approach to measuring all engagement for true return on investment.

This include the tone, credibility, message delivery and quality of coverage and information shared, not just clip counts and general impressions.

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