Building Influential Relationships with Earned Media

One of our daily marketing rituals includes beginning everyday by building new organic relationships with earned online media, one writer at a time, while nurturing existing connections.  We know this is all about people.  We set a goal, depending on the day, with a precise number of writers to network with. The benefits of our efforts build influence for our team and our clients.

Earned media is precisely that – earned. It takes respect, trust and transparency to develop solid relationships with writers and bloggers, and trust is never built over night.

So where do we begin?

  • We start by researching the blogs in our client’s niche markets.
  • Then we target those that we would like to develop a relationship with for your company.
  • You’ll then find us reading the last three to five posts and an older post or two, to try to understand each writer’s unique point of view.
  • We always take in their bio (if they choose to have one) to get to know a bit more about them.
  • Then we take a look at who is advertising on their site (if they permit it). Are our client’s competitors there?
  • Just a bit of light stalking to check out their Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter accounts. Our goal? To find out who’s following them and if there is true engagement happening. Can we review any recent conversations? Does the writer speak with conviction and passion? Do they hold a leadership position within the community?

Of course, we make attempts to understand their influence.

  • And we never forget to store their name and email in a protected database with a link to their site (for future contact).
  • Staying organized is key, so we bookmark their pages for easy access too.
  • And once we feel 100% confident and comfortable that they should be on our target list of key relationships, we zoom in.

We create a brief introduction paragraph. Two lines at most, introducing ourselves on behalf of our clients and the reason for reaching out. Fearless, we know it’s okay to be straightforward. No one has the time to waste beating around the bush.

Our homework done, we are already armed with the content they need to write a story and that’s if they are interested and ask for it.  Short and sweet facts about your new product/service and high and low res photos are just perfect. After all, we want them to incorporate their unique POV into our brand. Sometimes we will try to inspire them with a crafted idea for them, but more often we develop the relationship by letting them come up with the creative angle.

  • If it’s a product we want them to try and review, we ask our clients to set aside enough needed to send  one to each writer.
  • If you have the budget, we also create a video of your product/service in use.
And when we’ve met our connection goals for the day, we begin the real tenacious work of follow up for shared content that amplifies and strengthens your message.

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