High Performance Marketing Automation

Image from BloodyLoud.com Robots by Daniele Gay

Marketing automation reduces repetitive tasks associated with the marketing process, but just because its automated, doesn’t mean you can run your company on autopilot. Your systems must be run and tested by humans and although automation is a great tool for lead, mail and data capture, it isn’t 100% fail proof. Take precaution when gathering important client/customer information through your website, blog or point of sales system.  It’s not a good idea to “set it and forget it”. You’ve got to work it.

Companies need to bridge the gap between automation and personalization to allow organizations to  manage and execute marketing more effectively. This includes linking automation to –

  • customer interactions
  • analyses of customer data
  • customization based on customer profiles
  • targeting of marketing activities.

Be sure to

  • Create strategic messages for automated emails and data capture.
  • Make your automated communication as personal as possible.
  • Assign an employee to retrieve and handle requests and data properly for follow-up.
  • Let leads know that you will be in touch with them via phone/email/meeting request within a realistic time period.
  • Fill out the forms yourself and test them on employees and friends on a weekly basis.

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