Together We Can – Successful PR Campaigns

So you’ve hired your agency and everyone is excited about paving new paths to profits. The agreement is signed, payment schedule made and kick-off conference call is on the calendar.

It’s important to remember that everyone wants this relationship to work. Expectations are high. One of the most important things you can do is set campaign goals and metrics to measure the return on investment for hiring outside agency help in the first place.

Is this Your First Agency Relationship? If so, you can also expect to –

1. Be asked to create a budget for professional video, photography and marketing collateral
2. Commit to regular weekly meetings with agency professionals to discuss challenges and opportunities
3. Create new launches and be open to recommendations about future product and service offerings
4. Listen to critical feedback about your company from the agency, industry experts and the media
5. Work with your agency with a sense of urgency to meet media requests and deadlines
6. Respond to challenging interview questions on a moment’s notice
7. Be transparent about your business strategy and your goals
8. Accept long lead-time times if traditional print media is important to your PR strategy
9. Be compared to your competition and included in trend stories about your industry
10. Deal directly with your customer complaints through social media with engaging in online conversations

Successful collaboration with your agency requires a commitment of your time and energy. So let’s get ready for success.

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